During delivery, the body secretes a hormone called Relaxin.This allows the ligaments of the pelvis to relax so the baby can come through. When the ligaments are relaxed, the Sacro-iliac joint can be loose allowing instability of the “SI” joint. This results in pain in the low back and hip. It may come and go as the Sacro-IliacĀ  joint moves in and out of place and can go on and on for years. The new mother has no idea why she has this pain. And then one day, she hears about Prolotherapy. Hallelujiah! We discover the problem, put the pelvis into place and then do prolotherapy (with dextrose or PRP) to the sacro-iliac ligaments and the tendons of the hip, in order to strengthen and tighten them. Then life begins to get much better! It may take one treatment, a few treatments or many treatments. But the chronic pain in the hip and low back becomes past history. This improvement will be faster and better with core strengthening exercises.