Did you know the most commonly sprained area in the entire body is the outside of the ankle? This usually happens when the foot turns and inverts on itself. It is especially common in sports that have lateral motion like tennis and basketball and soccer and even occurs from wearing high heels.

These days people are wearing tennis shoes that have a little bit of height on them, and we are seeing more and more ankle sprains. The problem is that there are so many ligaments holding the lower leg onto the foot that it is very hard to recover the integrity of the ankle. In physical therapy, we strengthen the muscles around the ankle so that we do not have to rely on the ligaments. But for the majority of people, laxity of the ligaments results and recurrent sprains. Many of my patients wind up taping, bracing, and wearing high-top shoes. These are all helpful modalities, but why not just strengthen the ligaments?

In this model of the ankle, we are looking at the outside of the ankle at all of the ligaments that support the ankle. What if we injected them with a substance to strengthen them? Now they can hold the foot onto the ankle in the same way that the foot was designed to be attached, that is, without any looseness. This is exactly what PRP and Dextrose Prolotherapy do. For an ankle that sprains very easily, it may take a few treatments, but you can throw away your tape, high tops, and ankle support. With PRP and Dextrose, you can get back to the things you love. Please call our office to schedule an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for this therapy. Please call us at 415-506-4907 or you can send us an email at gloriatuckermd@gmail.com.