Treating Meniscal Tears of the Knee: A Non-Surgical Solution with PRP

I receive many consultations for the treatment of meniscal tears of the knee. This injury frequently happens with a twisting manoeuvre that can occur easily as we approach middle age. The meniscus is a horseshoe-shaped band of soft tissue that acts as a cushion for the femur (upper bone) on the tibia (lower bone). We find that recurrently twisting this knee causes pain. The most damaging move is a loaded twist. For instance, a deep squat with a twist will help stimulate the tear. Patients are often told that the only treatment is surgery. In this operation, if one is young, there is a clean tear and it is possible to sew the tissue back together, but after age forty, the tear is irregular and acts like a frayed rope and the surgeon cannot sew the rope back together so he has to remove a small section. Unfortunately, that leaves part of the cushion gone and exposes the 2 bones of the femur and tibia to each other. As a result, it increases the likelihood of arthritis of the knee.

The meniscus has a poor blood supply so we can’t inject anything into the meniscus. However, there are some ligaments around the meniscus called the coronary ligaments which hold it in place. By strengthening those ligaments using PRP, the meniscus can heal and the pain will stop. Simply putting PRP into the knee joint will NOT solve the problem. Once again, it’s the ligaments! PRP is the answer. This problem is solvable without surgery. And you are back on the basketball court or yoga class!