Accurate Diagnosis

Dr. Tucker sees many patients who share a similar story: They went to their Primary Care Physician with complaints of pains in muscles and joints, maybe the doctor actually examined them, maybe not. They were told to simply take pain relievers. Then an X-Ray and MRI showed nothing, but the pain persisted. The Doctor simply increased the dose of pain medicine! Time went on they were told a myriad of things, perhaps they were given the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, or told it was due to their weight or worst of all, it was all in their head.

Dr. Tucker takes her time in truly discovering the problems and sources of pain, using her wide range of knowledge and experience ranging from traditional allopathic approach to a vast field of alternative arts. She can then recommend and apply a suitable treatment from any of these fields, or she will refer the patient to the perfect choice of Practitioner for treatment.