Would PRP or Prolo-Therapy work for me?


Well, it’s worth considering.


This treatment is able to address loose ligaments and tight tendons, as well as early arthritis  so we can easily treat problems that would have required surgery in the past. We find that when certain ligaments (holding bones to bones) are loose due to overuse, body type, or simply wear and tear, there are corresponding tendons (holding muscles to bones) that tighten up in order to keep the body together. So our patients notice that they feel tight, but the underlying problem is looseness. PRP and Prolotherapy treat both. So we can treat : TMJ, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and Instability, AC joint problems, SC joint problems, small rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist pain, hand pain, early arthritis of the hand, instability of the ribs, thoracic and lumbar spine instability, and rib pain.We definitively treat pain in the groin or on the outside of the hips, (that nobody understands), because we understand it. We love to treat the SI joint, the piriformis tendons,  knees (Including the meniscus), ankles and feet (including plantar fasciitis).If you do not see what you have in this list, give us a call because most likely it will respond to PRP or dextrose prolotherapy when properly done.