What is Peri-Neural Injection Therapy?

Peri-Neural Injection Therapy is for Pain that has not responded to conventional treatment


I have trained extensively with Dr. John Lyftgot and I am continually pleased by the dramatic effect this therapy has had on people with chronic unrelenting pain.It is successful in patients with CRPS, phantom pain, the pain of unclear source, diabetic neuropathy and so much more. People who have been told there is nothing to do but take pain medications are thrilled to find this is a better answer. I have had great success with this in facial pain, neck pain, head pain, hip pain, peripheral nerve pain and severe nerve pain after injury and surgery. This is a breakthrough procedure that has been recently pioneered by Dr. John Lyftgot . He found that the receptors (TRPV1) to the chemicals secreted by the nerves carry the sensitivity to pain. When those nerves have been ignited, he found that injecting the skin along the nerve tracts shut down the pain transmission. We use 5% dextrose which diffuses down into the deeper nerve tracts and stops the pain. This technique works, and it is very safe.