For Prolotherapy to work, your body needs to heal the tendons and ligaments that have been damaged. Prolotherapy can stimulate the healing and begin the process, but your own body is doing the work. Healthy diet, regular exercise and oxygen help the healing process. Ozone is O3 which converts to Oxygen in the body, and so adding this to your therapy will boost your response to Prolotherapy. Ozone works at a cellular level healing the tissues where we inject. We strongly recommend our patients who have Prolotherapy to allow us to add Ozone to the treatment. Additionally, we may simply use Prolozone as a healing modality. Unlike most Prolozone doctors, Dr Tucker does not use any steroid in her solution, and after finishing courses in Ozone Therapy, Advanced Ozone Therapy and Prolozone Therapy, Dr Tucker goes precisely to the injured tissue correcting the problem exactly where the problems lie.



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