I request that every patient read and follow my instructions for before the prolotherapy procedure (also available on this website).
I also request that each patient be committed to strengthening the muscles around the joint, once the pain begins to improve, because that will take a lot of pressure off the joint and help relieve the pain.
I begin all my procedures, by cleaning the skin, then I carefully draw the anatomy on every patient. Then we review where the pain is, and I draw that too. Then I use lidocaine to numb every painful place, and then I use the sugar solution into the sources of pain. The technique takes time and, in the places where the tissues are not normal, may produce some discomfort where they are injected. 
Afterward, I give my patients careful instructions so that we can have the best possible results (also available on this website)
Prolotherapy is a holistic approach. It is not quick and often requires multiple treatments. Each time, there is steady improvement . If the pain has not completely resolved, I see my patients back in 6 weeks for another treatment course, until the pain is relieved, or markedly improved.

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