Dr. Tucker, a Phi Beta Kappa from USC, Board Certified in Sports Medicine, practiced traditional non-surgical orthopedics for 13 years. Once she  experienced dramatic results with Prolotherapy, she changed her entire focus to Prolotherapy and after mastering it, she became an instructor of Proliferative Medicine to other physicians, and has been teaching for many years.

    Seeing the limitations of traditional medicine, she studied and became proficient at advanced techniques for patients who did not respond to usual care or preferred alternative therapies. Her advanced techniques include: PRP, Dextrose Prolotherapy, and Peri-Neural Injection Therapy. This opened new horizons for her and she took courses in Osteopathy, Functional Movement Assessment Techniques, Ozone Therapy, and Stem Cell Treatment. And although, she does not practice these modalities, she is knowledgeable and able to carefully assess her patients and refer, when appropriate. In addition, she is well connected to alternative providers. These include: Chiropractic Care, Orthopedic Massage, Neuro-Kinetic Therapy, Acupuncture, Myo-fascial and Energy work. As a classically trained MD, she refers her patients to Orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists when indicated. She is committed to evaluating her patient's pain properly and recommending the right treatment.


Dr. Tucker weaves together the Analytic Expertise of Traditional Medicine with the Time Honored Success of Alternative Knowledge


     Prolotherapy is not invasive like surgery and does not mask the pain like drug therapy. Instead, it literally helps rebuild the supporting structures around the painful joint, which most of the time, is the source of the problem.This won't be seen on an X-ray or MRI, but can be diagnosed properly with a careful examination by a skilled physician.

     Prolotherapy is the treatment of choice for the loose jointed patient--hypermobile (even if a definitive diagnosis has not been made), patellar subluxation, recurrent ankle sprain, sacro-iliac (SI) instability, low back pain, mid back pain, hip, knee (especially meniscal injuries), plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and most problems in the foot, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back and neck. It is a great remedy for early arthritis and sports injuries. Other disorders that respond beautifully to Prolotherapy include Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia (which is frequently associated with hypermobility) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlors-Danlos syndrome and so many more.



    Some people live with intractable pain every day. They have limited relief with Narcotics and are very frustrated at having to take pills which simply mask their pain. Perhaps this is you.

     Groundbreaking work is being done with a treatment called Perineural Injection Therapy (Neuro-Prolotherapy). After an injury, accident or repetitive damage, the nerves sometime continue to send inappropriate messages resulting in pain, often unusual patterns which can be very confusing. This can be diagnosed by a careful examination and then treated with Peri-Neural Injection Therapy. Peri-Neural Injection Therapy involves very small shallow injections of 5% Dextrose near the problem nerve (it feels like small mosquito bites). The fluid diffuses in and interrupts the inapproprate messages at the TRP-V1 receptor junction. As a result, the message is turned off and the pain is gone with no numbness or loss of sensation. PNIT is effective for most pain syndromes, but works very well for migraine, facial pain, neck pain, phantom pain and unusual types of pain.

     Peri-Neural Injection Therapy is an effective way to find relief of disabling pain without drugs. It can be life changing since the pain often is simply gone after one treatment.  

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