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Gloria Tucker, M.D.

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                                                          Board Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

Gloria Tucker, MD.

Do you suffer from joint or nerve pain that doesn’t go away? Dr. Tucker can help you find relief!

Dr. Tucker specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain (joint pain) all over the body, including back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and dozens of other musculosketetal issues.

She uses a combination of Traditional, Non-traditional, and Advanced Medical Treatments to diagnose and treat your pain. Her Advanced Medical Treatments (called “Proliferative Medicine” – often referred to as Regenerative Medicine or Prolotherapy) are on the forefront of Western medicine in Musculoskeletal pain relief. Those include PRP and Dextrose Injections for Joint Pain, and Neuro-Prolotherapy for Nerve Pain. 

Dr. Tucker’s treatments get to the source of your pain and take care of it once and for all. Her treatments are not invasive, like surgery. They don’t mask the pain, like drug therapy. Instead, her treatments literally help your own body rebuild the supporting structures around the painful joint – giving you enduring pain relief. Dr. Tucker’s diagnoses and treatments are at the cutting edge of medicine today.

Gloria Tucker, MD is

  • Board Certified Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Sports Medicine; Diplomat, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Instructor of Proliferative Medicine to physicians worldwide

Millions of people in this country suffer from pain in their backs, knees, neck, feet,  and every joint imaginable. Pain has severely limited their lives. More times than not, people are unsure about the cause of this pain, and have found no relief. Perhaps this is you. Pain medicines are prescribed. Sometimes surgery is recommended, but the pain continues. Frequently, after an injury or surgery, very specific tendons or ligaments are damaged and they are unable to heal on their own. Exercise won't strengthen a damaged ligament. And the pain persists.


     Dr. Tucker is passionate about Proliferative Medicine. It changed her life.

    She found a cure with Proliferatives after suffering for years from severelow back pain that didnot respond to traditional treatment. Now you can too.

    What is Proliferative Medicine (Regenerative Medicine or Prolotherapy)?


    Proliferative treatment involves carefully addressing each tendon and ligament surrounding the injured joint. We create a very precise inflammatory response in the injured tissue allowing collagen to reform and healing to occur. A series of very specific small injections initiates this response, and effectively tightens and heals the damaged tissue. Once these structures are stable, pain resolves and strengthening can take place.

    Proliferative Medicine is the treatment of choice for the loose jointed patient (Hypermobile), patellar subluxation, recurrent ankle sprain, sacro-iliac (SI) instability, low back pain, mid back pain, hip, knee (especially meniscal injuries), plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and most problems in the foot, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back and neck. It is a great remedy for early arthritis and sports injuries. Other disorders that respond beautifully to Proliferative treatment includes Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia (which is frequently associated with hypermobility) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlors-Danlos syndrome and so many more.


     Can proliferative medicine help with my nerve pain? Yes!



    Some people live with intractable pain every day. They have limited relief with Narcotics and are very frustrated at having to take pills which simply mask their pain. Perhaps this is you.

     Groundbreaking work is being done with a treatment called Perineural Injection Therapy (Neuro-Prolotherapy). After an injury, accident or repetitive damage, the nerves sometime continues to send inappropriate messages resulting in pain, often unusual patterns which can be very confusing. This can be diagnosed by a careful examination and then treated with Peri-Neural Injection Therapy. Peri-Neural Injection Therapy involves very small shallow injections of 5% Dextrose near the problem nerve (it feels like small mosquito bites). The fluid diffuses in and interrupts the inapproprate messages at the TRP-V1 receptor junction. As a result, the message is turned off and the pain is gone with no numbness or loss of sensation. PNIT is effective for most pain syndromes, but works very well for migraine, facial pain, neck pain, phantom pain and unusual types of pain.

     Peri-Neural Injection Therapy is an effective way to find relief of disabling pain without drugs. It can be life changing since the pain often is simply gone after one treatment.





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